D A N C E R E V I V A L: Choreography of space for body mortion in Lenasia's first dance studio

Kasan, Poonam
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As a dancer, I define dance as a form of release using body movement in a space, whereas architecture is a form of expression through designing a space. Since dance is choreographed while architecture is conceptualized, it can be said that both entail some level of creativity, especially when fused together. Both have the ability to trace space over time and employ effects of perception, point-of-view, colour and light. Balance and movement are key aspects of dance and can also be utilized in architecture with reference to the center of gravity. Therefore, exploration lies in how architecture or space can be created from the consequences of body movement and the spatial experience of dance or particular dance postures? While the relevance of dance in South Africa is questioned by many non-dancers, Indian classical dance in Lenasia still thrives to remain alive. Together with many other folk dances performed at festivals in the community, these dance schools are all that remain of the Indian dance culture today. Nevertheless, even though Indian dance schools are willing to teach students western or other dance forms, appropriate dance studios, funding and support does not exist to turn dance into a professional career. Some Indian communities also have a stereotyped mindset which even prohibits men and married women from dancing. Therefore, this dance inspired architectural studio will not only provide spacious training facilities, but will also aim at raising awareness and funds for those who wish to take dance further into a career, educate those about the benefits of dance and provide opportunities for international choreographers to train local dancers in other dance forms, thus reviving dance together as a whole. Since dancers are more in harmony with their bodies, architecture and the interaction of space will be ultimately viewed and designed through this unique lens of dance movement
This document is submitted in partial fulfillment for the degree: Master of Architecture (Professional) at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2018.
Kasan, Poonam Bharatkumar (2019) Dance revival :|bchoreography of space for body motion in Lenasia's first Dance Studio, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, <http://hdl.handle.net/10539/278778>