An identification of factors influencing delay, revision and rework in multidisciplinary infrastructure design projects in South Africa

Adeoye, Ohikhateme
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For many years now delays, reworks and reVISIOns have weighed down the construction industry in South Africa. There have been several attempts to minimize this problem, but none has managed to comprehensively manage this scourge and it looks as though the situation has come to stay. This study takes a look at some of the supposed causes of delay, rework and revision found in the literature in the light of their characteristics and influence. The data is drawn from a questionnaire survey of forty three construction industry professionals practicing in South Africa. Using a step mUltiple regression analysis, T -Test analysis and relative importance index to determine the major causes of delay, rework and revision. It was found that change related issues and approval related issues were amongst the foremost factors causing delay, rework and revisions. The study also found problems of inadequate design coordination tools, poor information technology, inadequate change management structures and systems, and poor scope definition to be significant problems facing the industry.