Local integration as a durable solution: A study of Congolese refugees in Johannesburg

Hlobo, Rampeoane
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This is a study of local integration of Congolese refugees from The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) living in Johannesburg. The point of departure is from Jacobsen’s assertion that refugees are de facto integrated when they are not in physical danger, are able to sustain livelihoods through access to land or employment, and can support themselves and their families, are socially networked into host communities so that intermarriage is common, ceremonies like weddings and funerals are attended by everyone and there is no distinction between refugees and local communities. The study looks at the amount of interaction between refugees and South Africans, the dynamics involved in social integration and the perception of integration by refugees and service providers. Refugees and service providers in Johannesburg were interviewed and conclusions are drawn from their responses and the literature consulted.
Student Number : 9102146D - MA research report - School of Graduate School - Faculty of Humanities
Congolese refugees, The Democratic Republic, DRC, Johannesburg, employment, families, intermarriage, interaction between refugees, South Africans