Innovativeness and turnover intentions amongst continuous learners in Gauteng

Adriano, Judite Andre
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Innovation is crucial in organisational survival; employees are critically important in managing and facilitating innovative ideas. Organisations simultaneously endeavour to retain employees, attributable to the increasing turnover rates that organisations are currently experiencing. A lack of studies on literature and studies identifying how turnover intentions can be influenced by innovative work behaviour in a South African context, with an important cohort of professionals, stressed by work, family and studies. Turnover intentions and innovative work behaviour are increasingly crucial for organisations in today’s competitive environment, this study tests theories predicting the extent to which innovative work behaviour influences turnover intentions in certain conditions. Theory predicting certain moderating effects is also tested to determine if the relationship between innovative work behaviour and turnover intentions is weakened or strengthened, influenced by various factors. Provided theory predicting the mediating effects of job satisfaction and perceived supervisor support on the relationship between individuals’ innovation and turnover intentions was investigated. The sample for this study comprised of employed professionals assuming degree classes on an evening programme at the University of the Witwatersrand, whilst operating in various companies within industries the Gauteng Province. This study uses a questionnaire as a mode of data collection. Structural equation modelling was used to analyse collected data and determine the relationships between the variables. Findings identified a significant relationship between innovative work behaviour, turnover intentions, core self-evaluations and turnover intentions of employees. This study found perceived supervisor support and job satisfaction as significant mediators in the relationship between innovative work behaviour and turnover intentions. The value of this study derives from the potential of findings from this research to advance the literature concerning this topic, specifically in the South African context where inadequate studies investigated the proposed relationships. This study may assist organisations by ensuring innovative employees are retained within organisations while adequately managing employees’ turnover intentions.
A Master’s dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, in fulfilment of the requirements of the degree of Master of Commerce, March 2019
Adriano, Judite Andre. (2019). Innovativeness and turnover intentions amongst continuous learners in Gauteng. University of the Witwatersrand,