Archi-virtualization: creating a progression through recreational escapism by means of gaming, animation and virtual creation within architecture

Millar, Zane
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We often are overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of reality and look for a way to separate ourselves from the “real” world. One of the common means to retreat from the everyday rhythms of the world is through those of space and place, illustrations, photography, music and digital technology; one aspect of this is through that of gaming. The definition of “to escape” is to break free from the confined and expectation of the controlled world. We result to a means to escape when we are pressured by the everyday world. Looking at the influences of digital technology as a means to “escape”. Drawing attention to escapism and its brief causes and influences drawing attention to the 21st and future ideals, giving a means of escape which is through that of technology. We escape through many means but we always find a way physically or digitally to escape the everyday world. Digitally allows for one to enter a virtual world of fantasy and make believe. This is seen as a means of play and fun, which is opposite to that of the congested everyday life in one way. Escapism is a means to detach from a sense of place and relax. There are many different means to escape the reality of today but for the focus of the study it will draw up to how escapism allows a user to find relief through gaming, animation and the creation of escape within virtual reality. This paper will discuss the nature of escapism through the digital realm and how it can be utilized for recreational design within architecture, based on gaming and virtual reality
A design project submitted in partial fulfilment for the degree of Master of Architecture (Professional) at the University of the Witwatersrand, Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, 2020