Research and development of a linear programming function with specific reference to the generation expansion planning environment of Eskom

Botha, Lance Robert
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The purpose of this document is to report on the development of Linear Programming function for the Generation Expansion Planning environment of Eskom. This was achieved by researching the modeling methods employed in this and related fields of work. After establishing the scope of the work to be performed all the options were carefully assessed and it was decided to develop the Production Scheduling function first, as this would serve as the foundation for future work. The requirements were specified after extensive discussion with the customer. These requirements were utilize to establish the formulae, including their bounds and constraints. These were in turn converted into the Linear programming function. To faci1itate the data input process a simple input facility was developed. To maximize the value of the results the report writer was developed to enable sensitivity studies to be performed. This work was later used as the foundation of the NewGex programme.
A project submitted to the faculty of Engineering, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, in partial fulfilments of the requirements for the degree of Master of science in Engineering Johannesburg, 1994