An audit program planning methodology and model specific to performance auditing

Van Vuuren, Mark J.
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Performance audit as an audit discipline has developed seriously since the late 1970s. Due to its developing nature, it has been noted that it lacks formal methodologies. One such methodology is in the specific design of an audit program; this is important as the audit program is the basis of the audit. This study attempts to create a methodology of audit program design specifically for performance auditing and to present this in a model format. Grounded theory will be applied. The result indicates a methodology and model specific for performance audit can be compiled. The methodology and model were evaluated against SAICA and INTOSAI performance audit standards. In order to test the methodology and model in the external environment it was applied to an existing private sector business. No problems were identified. The value of this research study contributes to the existing body of knowledge in that grounded theory was applied to develop a performance audit methodology specific to performance audit, the proposed methodology and model contributes to audit program design within performance audit, and in the evaluation of the methodology and model against SAICA and INTOSAI performance audit standards. Further research is required to confirm the applicability of the methodology and model in the private and public sectors. Keywords Performance audit; audit program; grounded theory; private sector; public sector; process; risk; control; risk-based auditing; efficiency; effectiveness; economy
Performance audit, Methodology, Risk-based auditing, Effectiveness, Efficiency