Professional associations in the M&E Sector

Amisi, Matodzi
Fish, Tebogo
Masvaure, Steven
Moloto, Boikanyo
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The Centre for Learning on Evaluation and Results, Anglophone Africa (CLEAR-AA) and the African Evaluation Association (AfrEA) commissioned a discussion paper to document the experiences of M&E/evaluation associations in Africa. The discussion paper focuses on a select number of VOPEs on the continent. It explores their functionality, the work they are doing, the challenges they face and the opportunities that exist to strengthen their contributions to both national and regional M&E ecosystems. The discussion paper was guided by the following seven questions: ■ What is the status of VOPE membership, structure, capacity and functionality? ■ What are the primary objectives for the creation of VOPEs? ■ What role/s do VOPEs play in country M&E systems and capacity strengthening? ■ How is this role understood by VOPEs themselves and other stakeholders? ■ What are the current VOPE activities and approaches to strengthening M&E systems? ■ What are the enabling factors and barriers to VOPEs’ development and contribution to country M&E systems? ■ What synergies and networks do VOPEs have with other stakeholders?
Monitoring and Evaluation, VOPEs, Professional Associations in the M&E Sector