South Africa's changing macroeconomic policy shifts: 1994-2010

Maloyi, Lunga
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The purpose of this study is to analyse the changing nature of South Africa’s Macroeconomic policy in the post-apartheid era for the period 1994-2010. The key focus of the study is to uncover the factors that are a direct cause or have contributed to the paradigm shifts in policy during the specified period; supplementary to this, the study will look at how the changing paradigms have contributed in ridding the South African economy of its apartheid legacy, characterised by the triple challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality. This study has a strong qualitative approach, comprising a comprehensive document review process, as well as 8 in-depth interviews with relevant experts in the field. This is further complemented by a supplementary quantitative analysis of key socio-economic data and statistics. The findings are that the observed paradigm shifts in macroeconomic policy during the period under review are a result of a number of key factors, namely: the changing domestic political discourse; the global and domestic economic climate; and the influence of domestic institutional arrangements, all of which have a direct impact on the policy discourse. Despite these paradigm shifts, South Africa continues to be faced with the triple challenge of poverty, unemployment and inequality; macroeconomic policy in the democratic dispensation has failed to deliver the core aims of South Africa’s economic development strategy. With the failures of orthodox neo-liberal macroeconomic policy, and the apparent shortcomings of Keynesian influenced redistributive macroeconomic policy, the key question facing policy makers is what direction South Africa’s Macroeconomic paradigm should follow. The idea of the developmental state, and its success in building emerging economies in South East Asia, is considered a viable option for South Africa to achieve an inclusive growth path.
Research presented for the degree of Masters of Management in Public Policy to the Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management of the University of the Witwatersrand, School of Public and Development Management. March 2016
Maloyi, Lunga (2016) South Africa's changing macroeconomic policy shifts: 1994-2010, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, <>