Female participation in the post-independence Zimbabwean popular music industry: a case study of Edith Katiji (Weutonga) and Sandra Ndebele

Viriri, Agnella
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In her study of the post-independence Zimbabwean music industry, Angela Impey notes that women now constitute a hidden yet sizeable force in the music industry (1992:17). The current study examines the socio-political, cultural and economic factors that have led to the significant increase in the number of female musicians in the post-independence Zimbabwean popular music industry. The study also seeks to bring to the fore the longstanding issue of the dynamics in the relationship between male and female musicians in the industry. Applying a feminist approach to the study of popular music, the current study seeks to shift the focus of research from the presentation of women as victims in the industry to that of celebrating the female successes in the popular music industry. Through a case study approach the study sets out to describe and analyse the careers of Sandra Ndebele and Edith Weutonga who have become successful in the once male dominated industry.