The quantitative analysis of components of fibre-reinforced cement boards.

Kuming, Andrew Paul
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Environmental and health considerations have led to the substitution of cellulosic fibres for asbestos fibres in many cement-based products. Inevitably, the substitution has required modifications to the manufacturing process. Certain production techniques associated with the switch to cellulosic fibres and other additives needed elucidation. It is possible that to ensure the required concentration of certalr additives in the final product, an excess is being used in the process because of uncertainties about the quantitative balance of the process. My intention was to examine the potential tole for Fourier Transform Infrared (FTtR) Spectroscopy in the investigation of the materials constituting fibre-reinforced cement boards. I was able to show that qualitative and quantitative determination of certain of the components in the final product are possible with adequate precision and reproducibility to be of value to the manufacturer, I also showed that care taken in the preparation of standard and analytical samples was essential for the success of such analyses.
A Research Report submitted to the Faculty of Architecture, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Building.
Cement composites., Fibers., Asbestos cement.