The behaviour of the calibration parameters in the Jomet Car Ownership Model, with particular reference to the effect of public transport accessibility

Fransos, Anthony Charles
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The concept of accessibility is investigated,along with various types of accessibility measures. The effect of public transport accessibility on household car ownership is examined,using results of studies in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The behaviour of the Jomet cor ownership model is studied in detail. Values of calibration parameters are derived for Comet districts,Comet zones and for households which were interviewed in home interview surveys. Values of parameters of the land use and transportation system are also found,and statistical tests carried out on the results. From results of analysis of variance tests and regression tests on the three levels of aggregation,it is concluded that there is a relationship between the calibration parameters of the car ownership model and public transport accessibility in the Comat study area. Suggestions are made concerning the meaning of the calibration parameters