Inelastic magnon scattering

De Mello Koch, R.
Van Zyl, H.J.R.
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We study the worldsheet S-matrix of a string attached to a D-brane in AdS5×S5. The D-brane is either a giant graviton or a dual giant graviton. In the gauge theory, the operators we consider belong to the su(2|3)sector of the theory. Magnon excitations of open strings can exhibit both elastic (when magnons in the bulk of the string scatter) and inelastic (when magnons at the endpoint of an open string participate) scattering. Both of these S-matrices are determined (up to an overall phase) by the su(2|2)2global symmetry of the theory. In this note we study the S-matrix for inelastic scattering. We show that it exhibits poles correspondingto boundstates of bulk and boundary magnons. A crossing equation is derived for the overall phase. It reproduces the crossing equation for maximal giant gravitons, in the appropriate limit. Finally, scattering in the su(2)sector is computed to two loops. This two loop result, which determines the overall phase to two loops, will be useful when a unique solution to the crossing equation is to be selected.
Giant graviton, Dual giant graviton, Inelastic scattering, Magnon, Maximal giant gravitons
De Mello Koch, R. and Van Zyl, H.J.R. 2017. Inelastic magnon scattering. PHYSICS LETTERS B 768(10 May 2017), pp. 187-191.