Approaches to mix design and measurement of workability for self-compacting concrete.

Jooste, Josef Petrus
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Self-compacting concrete (SCC) is becoming a popular form of concrete usage in a range of applications throughout the world. This investigation considers the development of the technology and use of SCC. Importantly, the investigation aims to highlight the opportunities for using SCC in South Africa. A mixture design model is proposed and has been found to work well using local materials. The advantage of this model is the simplicity and the adaptability to any aggregate type. This method should be more acceptable to SCC producers who do not have special facilities and testing equipment An overview concerning concrete rheology is included to explain the mechanisms used to describe the flow and deformation of both the concrete and mortar mixtures. Included is a comparison between concrete, mortar and paste rheology. The Tattersall Two Point Tester was used to measure the shear resistance at two shear deformation rates. From the test results it was found that SCC can be made using South African materials and that it is possible to design a mixture with a lower cementitious content. The results from the Tattersall Two Point Tester gave additional information about the flowability of SCC.
Student Number : 0218148W - MSc Dissertation - School of Civil Engineering - Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment
mix design, self-compacting concrete, rheology, workability