The impact of business incubation in shaping the entrepreneurial mindset among incubatees

Tilana, Lukhanyo
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The research intended to provide an insightful view of the impact of business incubation on the entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurial self-efficacy as perceived by incubatees in a South African context. The research was carried out primarily in the Gauteng province. Business incubators are considered instrumental in accelerating the creation of successful entrepreneurial ventures. However, there is disagreement surrounding the benefits of business incubators with some scholars suggesting that the benefits are claimed mostly by its practitioners, there is also little systematic evidence of business incubator efficacy in promoting job and wealth creation. Data collection was in the form of a questionnaire distributed through a web based survey tool. The email containing the link to the questionnaire was accompanied by a covering letter explaining the nature, purpose and objectives of the survey. The covering letter assured the participants of their privacy and anonymity as well as our adherence to the Wits Code of Ethics for Research on Participants. Weekly reminders were sent to those participants that had not responded. Incubatees perceived a moderate impact of incubation on their entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurial self-efficacy. Incubatees who had completed the program perceived a higher impact on both the entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurial self-efficacy than incubatees who were still in the program. This research explored an area of study that has received very little attention prior to this research. It offered opportunities to build theory and its findings could potentially inform future research from an academic perspective. Furthermore, this research also identified the specific areas of incubation that the incubatees perceived incubation to have had an impact on. These findings could assist business incubation practitioners to identify specific areas of incubation that require intervention.
Thesis (M.M. (Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation))--University of the Witwatersrand, Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management, Graduate School of Business Administration, 2015.