Recall: adaptive reuse using the concept of space in design

McCraw, Mitchell
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Vacant buildings are considered dead/wasted spaces within the city and have lost their social interaction with the environment, becoming places for theft and vandalism. The recycling phenomenon came about to solve the potential issues of vacant buildings, giving them new life through a new function, so that their memory may be passed down to future generations. The thesis Recall explores and expands on the knowledge of adaptive reuse, using the theory of the space concepts, which is a particular category of orientation in space. The theory aided in the development of a design tool for adaptive reuse which should allow for the successful integration of vacant buildings back into the city, exemplified in the redesign of Juta Street. The design tool focuses on the creation of a place structured by intentions, relationships and memory aiding man’s need for orientation in space and time. This will acknowledge the structure of our city’s palimpsest, becoming a layered, unique object which socially inter acts with the surrounding environment and people