The Effects on Policy of the Composition of the ICT Public Policy Network in Swaziland

Metfula, Andile Simphiwe
Chigona, Wallace
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The composition, relationships, alliances, power structures, norms and bureaucracies in policy networks affect not only the policymaking process but also the policies that result. This article reports on a study which analysed the dynamics of the ICT policymaking network in a developing country, Swaziland. The study uses a policy network analysis (PNA) approach to analyse the Swaziland national ICT policy network. The findings of the study show that government recruited mainly conformist actors into the policy network so as to meet set deadlines, and that policymaking was dominated by political agendas and strong foreign intervention, while side-lining key local policy actors.
policy networks, government, conformist actors, foreign intervention, ICT policy, Swaziland
Metfula, A.S., & Chigona, W. (2013). The effects on policy of the composition of the ICT public policy network in Swaziland. The African Journal of Information and Communication (AJIC), 13, 83-94.