Development of software used to analyse the combustion and energy release characteristics of diesel fuels

Da Costa, Jean-Paul
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Software to analyse the combustion and energy release characteristics of fuels was designed and developed. The software was used to investigate the characteristics of diesel fuels at varying loads by performing thermodynamic analysis techniques and displaying the results. The software performed the analysis directly according to the objectives as to which it was designed for. It obtained the same energy release curves and other energy modelling characteristics as compared to the original software. The software was also found to increase the power of analysis through its improved analysis components. The results obtained for the diesel tests appear to be representative of all speeds and loads showing the typical behaviour expected, indicating that the engine and the data analysis techniques performed by the software are consistent and correct. It is apparent that the trends obtained follow the expected patterns and are complementary of each other, demonstrating the absence of any major problems. The software will be used to further the research into alternative fuels and will make the analysis process more efficient and less time consuming.