Software modules to further assist the rapid production of optimised electrical reticulation schemes

Rajakanthan, Thurairajah
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To assist with them ass rural electrification drive being undertaken in South Africa, special CAD based softw are is being developed by the Software for Electrical Distribution (SED) Group a t the University of the Witwatersrand. Various optimisation modules have been previously developed by the SED group that relieve the designer of many routine tasks, thus facilitating more creative decisions. This dissertation describes a research project in which two further aspcts were investigated. 1. In order to use many advanced optimisation techniques, a specific form of "intelligent" map is required that will enable the software to identify relevant features on the map of th e township. A software module that can create an "intelligent" map with minimal operator intervention from conventional CAD sources is presented. Only the conceptual overview and the high level design of this softw are module is discussed. 2. Determining optimum distribution transform er locations and their service areas (transform er zones) is still a time consuming activity. Delineation of optimum transform er zones minimises conductor lengths and improves transform er utilisation. The software described in this dissertation, delineates suitable transform er zones rapidly thus permitting various alternative strategies to be speedily investigated. T he program w as implemented and has been tested on maps of actual townships. Although the proposed algorithm performed well it was found that, the final layouts required minor manual adjustment. Reasons for this are discussed. Recommendations regarding the further development of certain aspects of the software are provided.