Knowledge or Information Management for Digital Future: The Case of Lesotho

Makara, Mabafokeng
Moetsana, Thabiso
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Knowledge management is commonly mistaken with information management, while in actual fact they are different although they are normally used interchangeably. This paper will therefore draw a line of demarcation between these two terms in order to discuss clearly the digital future of Africa. It will dwell basically on Knowledge management rather than Information management. Digitizing Africa’s future is one challenge facing Information professionals especially Africans. Once Africa’s knowledge is digitized, its power will therefore be noticed and it will then be noticeable that developments effectiveness is solely based on knowledge. This paper will again discuss importance of digitization of knowledge for the development of nations. It will further look into constraints hindering Africa in global drive. It is clear that some nations develop faster than others, but in some cases we see governments being obstacles towards development of their nations, there is no support given to either knowledge or information management. This paper will also discuss the skills and competencies needed for developing policies and strategies for Africa’s Digital future.