An exploratory study to improving project success through contractor-project manager planning in South Africa: a collaborative approach

One of the causes of projects failing to meet their budget and schedule expectations is poor contractor performance. Small-medium sized contractors in the South African construction industry are faced with challenges such as poor management of cash flows, poor access to credit, not having enough capital to drive the project from their own coffers, challenges in obtaining finance, poor planning, challenges with getting competent staff, poor administrative capabilities, lack of experience and poor education, lack of management skills in general and the influence of the client such as imposing unrealistic deadlines. The competencies of the construction project manager are imperative to achieving project success in terms of meeting budget and time expectations. The specific competency of the construction project manager for handling small-medium sized contractors in South Africa are critical analysis, judgement, resource management, engaging communication and motivation. This study explores the need for a collaborative planning framework between small medium sized contractors and the construction project manager in South Africa, to address poor technical and managerial skills of small-medium sized contractors
Research Report submitted to The Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment University of Witwatersrand In partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of Science April 2015