Ethical leadership and teaching at two schools in Bauchi State, Nigeria: Voices of headmasters and teachers.

Mayaki, Hauwa Muhammad
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Multiple reports have surfaced in the electronic and print media on numerous unethical conduct in education and the Nigerian education system has not been spared either. Conclusively, learners, teachers, headmasters, union activists and the Department of Education officials have all remained allies in the perpetuation of unethical conducts at Nigerian schools. The rise in this menace has prompted many researches to conduct research on ethical leadership to ascertain the root causes of unethical behaviour at schools and/or in the Departments of Education. This study explored the conceptions and perceptions of teachers and headmasters on ethical leadership in Nigerian schools especially, primary schools. It was the intention of this research to clearly demonstrate the role of ethics in education as put forward by teachers and headmasters; whether or not, it is sufficient a tool to curb the unethical conducts persisting in the educational system. Hence, views from both teachers and headmasters were sought about the causes of unethical conduct in schools and what possible ways to follow to reduce its recurrence. In this research, an interpretive paradigm and a qualitative methodology were utilised. Convenience and purposive sampling was utilised to select the two participating primary schools and research participants for the study. Data generated was analysed thematically. The conclusions of this study seem to suggest that: participants have a good grasp and assimilation of ethics and ethical leadership in their schools; the persisting unethical conduct by teachers and headmasters in schools emanates from both within and outside the school organisation. Hence, from the assertions of all research participants, they unanimously agreed that ethical leadership has the potential to reducing the unethical behaviour in schools. In this vein, this study adopts various recommendations to reduce unethical conducts in the schools.
Dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment for the award of degree of Master of Education in the Faculty of Humanities in the School of Education, Division of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Mayaki, Hauwa Muhammad (2018) Ethical leadership and teaching at two schools in Bauchi State, Nigeria:|bvoices of school principals and teachers, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, <>