An illuminative evaluation of curricular change at a college of education

Dachs, Terence Edward
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This study attempts an illuminative evaluation of curriculum innovation at the Johannesburg College of Education in 1930-1. A rationale for an illuminative evaluation approach is provided and this model is contrasted with other evaluation models, particularly the objectives model of the psycho-statistical paradigm. The existing curriculum of the College is described, the design of the research described, and the locus of decision-making power at the College analysed. The procedures adopted by the Curriculum Evaluation Committee are described and their proposals for a new curriculum presented. Reactions of participants to these proposals and to the procedures adopted by the committee are described and analysed. Beliefs concerning the locus of real decision-making power in the College and the causes for difficulties with the present curriculum are described. An attempt is made at analysing the difficulties of curriculum innovation and a typology of responses is suggested. Finally, a value for this study is suggested.