Sandton civic exchange : exploring a new civic identity.

Shklaz, Limor.
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The pioneering spirit that saw the creation of Johannesburg, its buildings, parks and economy, has been reimagined in the Sandton CBD. The Sandton Civic Exchange serves as the gateway to the city and provides a stage for public life where events and public gatherings are held, and social and economic interactions are formed. The Sandton Civic Exchange is the new public platform for civic pride and expression; a re-imagination of Sandton’s lost civic identity. It is a welcoming public space that allows for planned and unplanned social encounters and civic participation. A pedestrian-friendly environment encompassing a public plaza, openair art installations, a 700-seat auditorium, commercial offi ce space and active retail edges along the street all contribute to the cosmopolitan life of this city centre. The stepped plaza is well-defi ned by the complex of surrounding buildings of the scheme, further enhanced by it’s surrounding natural elements and landscaping. These form the vibrant backdrop to the Sandton Civic Exchange, hereby creating a new ‘sense of place.’ The Sandton Civic Exchange is the sta upon which the stories of urban life unfold and where Sandton City’s civic expression and identity are renewed and celebrated.