South Africa’s Foreign Policy: Conflict Prevention in Africa

Siyothula, Phakamisa
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This study has analysed the experience and legitimacy of South Africa’s Foreign Policy in resolving African conflicts, using comparative study of Burundi and Lesotho. The main findings of the study are as follows: First, since 1994 South Africa’s foreign policy has evolved and directed at ensuring peace and stability in African continent. During Mandela era, the policy was dominated by human rights. When Mbeki took over in 1999 the policy was reconfigured and moved towards peace and economic prosperity in African continent to achieve African Renaissance. Second it has been argued that the interventions in Lesotho and Burundi were legitimate and successful despite the controversies in particular Lesotho. Last, the experience and lessons learnt in Lesotho helped to shape South Africa’s foreign policy when mediating in Burundi conflict which had led to a notable success.
Student Number : 0517117G - MA research report - School of International Relations - Faculty of Humanities
experience, legitimacy, South Africa’s Foreign Policy, African conflicts, Burundi, Lesotho, Mandela era, African Renaissance