Africa Evaluation Indaba

The Africa Evaluation Indaba – a celebration of evaluation in Africa is a coming together of M&E practitioners and evaluation stakeholders across the continent to: 1. Celebrate evaluation on the continent 2. To look at how far we have come in our efforts to indigenize evaluation 3. To look to the future and engage on how we will take the indigenization agenda forward. The Indaba is inspired by our commitment to the Made in Africa evaluation agenda. It is the beginning of a long-term conversation and engagement around indigenization of evaluation – creating a platform for M&E practitioners and academics to share experiences, approaches, methods and practices that honor indigenous ways of knowing, methods and approaches fit for the African context. Taking the format of a festival, the Indaba is an informal affair that is not overly curated. It will set the tone for inclusive long-term conversations. We want to encourage different voices from across the continent in various sectors, to share their perspectives and experiences. We also want to go beyond ‘just talking’ about indigenization to pulling together resources and strategies for practice.