Evaluating the functionality of the translated Sepedi Home Language CAPS for Grade 10-12.

Tshesane, Thelma Machoene Johanna
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This Research Report focuses on the evaluation of the translation of the Curriculum And Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) from English into Sepedi for Home Language Grade 10- 12. Its main aim is to find out how accurate is the translation of the CAPS from English into Sepedi; and how the teachers in schools understand the translation and how they use the document for lesson planning and preparation. The study also tests the functionalist theory used in the analysis of the target text as proposed by Nord (1992, 1997 and 2005), and the strategies of translation suggested by Mona Baker (1992) and Peter Newmark (1991). The findings show that translations should be done for an intended purpose. The target readership should be able to use the translated document without difficulty. The translation should produce a text that will have the same effect on its readership as the source text has on its readership. Translators will also gain insight into which translation strategies should be applied when resolving translation problems.