South Africa's foreign relations towards Kenya: the political and economic dynamics

Mabude, Phathutshedzo
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Abstract The thesis is about South Africa’s foreign relations towards Kenya. South Africa aims to promote democratic peace and stability in the continent. Given Kenya’s hegemonic position in the region, one would expect that in pursuit of its foreign policy in the East African region, South Africa would naturally drift towards Kenya as a partner. This has not been an obvious case; this study seeks to investigate why this is so. The thesis begins with theoretical conceptualisations, then a brief historical background on South Africa’s Kenya foreign relations. The third Chapter shall look Kenya’s political and economic position in the East African region. The fourth Chapter shall focus on the political and economic dynamics concerning South Africa- Kenyan relations. The thesis concludes that South Africa’s foreign policy is complex and cannot be understood properly by using only one traditional international relations school of thought. The thesis provides recommendations for the improvement of relations.