Rescaling municipal governance amidst political competition in Gauteng: Sedibeng’s proposed re-demarcation

Mkhize, Thembani
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Gauteng City-Region Observatory
The paper unpacks key developments in the Sedibeng merger proposal since its inception, particularly the multiple arguments for and against it. Insofar as resistance to the proposed re-demarcation has emanated from the ground – mainly from Midvaal residents – it has especially played out through the actions and conflicting utterances of the ANC and DA. While informed by technical reasons, both arguments for and against the Emfuleni–Midvaal merger have tended to gravitate more towards party-political rationales for why the re-demarcation should or should not go ahead. Although these debates raise important merits and demerits for the proposal, they are difficult to disentangle from the interests of those whose fortunes would be changed by restructuring. These competing claims have not only had implications for the governance of Sedibeng’s municipalities but have also affected ostensibly non-party-political institutions directly and indirectly involved in the re-demarcation issue.
rescaling, municipal governance, political competition, Sedibeng, Gauteng