Exploring aids educators` learning experinces that have had meaning for their professional and personal development.

Nieuwoudt, Karen
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AIDS educators are confronted with many challenges regarding educating people about AIDS prevention, and fostering caring and supporting attitudes to those already infected. The field is rich in human learning and teaching activity. This study explored the learning of educators that has had meaning for their personal and professional lives. The interviews were interpreted within a qualitative paradigm with phenomenological and post-modern qualities. The interviews revealed that the educators’ subjective personal learning in the field relates to what they teach others about AIDS education, i. e. issues around sexuality, greater self-awareness and acceptance, appreciating and respecting others, valuing their life and relationships. Regarding their learning about AIDS education, all the educators have constructed som e theory around it. They commented about the importance of relating to the lived worlds of learners, and stressed the importance of sharing personal learning experiences as a means to change attitudes. Adult education principles strengthen and enhance means of AIDS education and prevention.