Data management in the Gauteng Department of Social Development

Twantwa, Zikho
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Data management in the public sector has become a primary driver for decision-making and planning, however, there is a limited research on data management within South African public sectors with the exception of the health sector, which has widely studied the existing data management systems as case studies of health management information systems (HMIS). Using Theory of Change to determine the intended results of data management in the Gauteng department of Social Development, the study aimed to examine data management in the Gauteng department of Social Development and the use and application of data in evidence-based planning and decision-making in programmes of the department. A qualitative research strategy with a case study design was employed. Data for the study was collected from ten participants of the Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation unit using open-ended interview schedule, from three executive management managers using closed-ended questionnaires, and from documentary analysis in the Gauteng department of Social Development. The collected data was analysed using thematic analysis and content analysis. The study found that the Gauteng department of Social Development has moderate data management systems in place, as some of the key attributes of data management were not explored and exploited to the fullest by the department. In addition, the research findings revealed that there is poor use of data in decision-making and planning. This study contributes significant new knowledge to the existing body of monitoring and evaluation literature and public administration in South Africa.
Thesis presented in partial fulfilment for the degree of Master of Management (in the field of Public Sector Monitoring and Evaluation) to the Faculty of Commerce, Law, and Management, University of the Witwatersrand, 2016
Twantwa, Zikho (2017) Data management in the Gauteng Department of Social Development, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, <>