The effects of problem-based learning on nurse competence: a systematic review

Cartwright, Penelope Janet
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PURPOSE OF THE STUDY: The purpose of this study was to conduct a systematic review to determine the effects of problem-based learning on nurse competence. METHODS: A systematic review was used as the study design. This method included defining the research question, searching the relevant databases to access the relevant literature, analysis of the literature using critical appraisal and checklists, combining the results by doing a meta-synthesis for qualitative data, a narrative summary for quantitative data and reporting of the results. RESULTS: 72591 articles were initially accessed through the databases and, through specific search criteria, they were narrowed down to eleven (11) articles. These eleven (11) articles went through critical appraisal by the researcher as a primary reviewer and a co-reviewer to ensure high quality and rigor of the systematic review. Of these eleven (11) articles, four (4) qualitative articles and one (1) quantitative article were further analysed and the data synthesised. CONCLUSION: The conclusion of the systematic review was that problem-based learning has positive effects on nurse competence.