Formulations for analysis of Probe-Fed printed antennas in SuperNEC

Mathekga, Mmamolatelo E.
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Formulations for analysis of printed antenna structures are derived and compared, to determine one to implemented in SuperNEC based on the efficiency of its numerical solution in terms of memory usage and solution time. SuperNEC is a software application for computing the response of electromagnetic structures to electromagnetic fields. SuperNEC cannot be used for simulation of printed antenna structures. This is because the formulation that is implemented in SuperNEC does not account for the effect of the substrates that the radiating elements of the antenna structure are printed on, and it is also not intended for antenna structures whose radiating elements are surfaces. Two MoM (Method of Moments) formulations and a FEM (Finite Element Method)-MoM formulation are presented, together with different models for the antenna feed. The FEM-MoM formulation is selected for implementation in SuperNEC because it is argued that it is likely to be more memory efficient when compared to the MoM formulations, and also that less time is required to fill the matrices resulting from the numerical solution of the formulation. The formulation is implemented in a stand alone software application, which will be integrated into SuperNEC. Numerical results that are computed using the software application are presented to illustrate correct implementation of the formulation. The results are compared to: an exact solution, results from another publication, and results computed using a different formulation. Good agreement is obtained in each case.
FEM, MoM, Printed antenna, Probe-feed