New media influences on the public broadcaster's content value chain and business model

Khan, Imraan Dawood
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The emergence of new media technologies has influenced the broadcasting marketplace causing it to evolve and become more competitive. The various platforms that new media technologies have made available for content repurposing and the increased number of channels available via digital television and radio has altered the landscape of the public service broadcaster in an unprecedented manner. Thus, questioning its viability amongst the other private media organisations whose core focus is on commercialisation of content rather than serving the public interest. Based on the case study of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), this study articulates the influence of new media broadcasting on the public broadcaster’s business model and value chain. It investigated the legitimacy of public service broadcasting in the new media age. This study examined the current status of the SABC’s broadcasting policy and concluded that there is urgency for policy revisions to be fast tracked.
Public service broadcasting, New media technologies, South African Broadcasting Corporation, Business model, Value chain