The effect of antenatal preparation and postnatal support on breast feeding in a group of Johannesburg mothers between January 1983 and November 1984.

Taback, Adele Ethne
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This study was conducted in order to draw a profile of the breast feeding practices of a group of White Johannesburg mothers and to ascertain whether factors such as antenatal preparation and postnatal support could be linked to breast feeding success or failure. For the purpose of this study the breast feeding experience was considered successful if the baby was breast fed for 3 months or more. An interview schedule was drawn up and 200 mothers were interviewed over an eighteen month period when they brought their babies to the Municipal Health Clinic for immunisations. the results of this survey showed that less than 50% of the sample were still breast feeding at 3 months. The profile of the successtul breast feeder that emerged was the following:- English speaking, comes from the higher social class and income bracket. has breast fed a previous baby successfully. (Abbreviation abstract)
In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE in the subject MIDWIFERY at the UNIVERSITY OF THE WITWATERSRAND
Breast Feeding.