Stakeholdres' perceptions about the functioning of development centres funded by the Department of Social Development in Gauteng.

Netshivhazwaulu, Gloriah Thifhulufhelwi Jaqueline
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This study attempted to explore the perceptions of stakeholders on the functioning of Development Centres in the Gauteng Province in South Africa. It was conducted with the aim of exploring the functioning of Development Centres, exploring stakeholders` views on the role of these Centres and the strengths, weaknesses, successes and challenges with which they are faced. The research used a combination of the qualitative and quantitative approach and was both exploratory and descriptive in nature as it explored and described perceptions of stakeholders about the Development Centre Model. The researcher used non probability purposive sampling to select the sample of four Development Centres. Twenty four participants including centre managers, officials; staff members; committee members and beneficiaries were selected to form part of the sample. Semi- structured face- to- face interviews guided by an interview schedule lasting approximately sixty minutes were used to collect data .The collected data was analyzed through the development of common themes and patterns .The findings revealed that the various stakeholders perceived Development Centres as having an important role to play in poverty alleviation, skills development, improving the quality of life, empowerment and provision of social services.