Data adaptor unit for an electronic exchange: system design and simulation study

Reinink, Kasper
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The development of pulse code modulation systems and electronic exchanges, together with the increase in volume of data traffic, have made it desirable to establish a means for handling both voice and data trarfic in the telephone network. A technique is required whereby integrated voice and data switching may be accomplished in an electronic exchange. It is proposed that a data adaptor unit be incorporated in electronic exchanges for the ourpose of concentrating data traffic onto PCM highways. A conceptual design for the architecture of such a unit is presented and its performance evaluated. The protocols for connecting data adaptors into a network, and the use of flow control procedures for regulating data traffic within the network, are described. The hardware implementation of the unit is not considered. The proposed data adaptor operates on the packet switching principle. It is comprised of three types of modules each dedicated to carrying out a particular communication function. The modules are the interface processor that interacts with data transmitting devices, the network processor for sending data over PCM channels between adaptors, and the supervisory processor for regulating activities within the adaptor unit.
Telephone, Data transmission, Packet switching