Black earnings: Changing contemporary patterns

Keenan, Jeremy
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The paper is a modified version of the first chapter of a short book which is currently nearing completion and is provisionally entitled The Poverty of Black Incomes'. The origin of this book goes back to 1977 when a study was begun in Soweto to look at how households were coping with increasing unemployment and, related to that, the nature and significance of so-called informal sectoral activities. As the study continued into the recent 'boom' it became increasingly apparent that there were large disparities between the claims being made about the growth of Black earnings and the actual standards of living of most households....It should also be made clear that the paper does not deal with the question of long-term wage trends nor the question of Black-White differentials and the so-called 'wage gap', other than to show that most comparisons between Black and White incomes are based on 'earnings' recorded by the Department of Statistics and do not include income from property which accrues almost exclusively to Whites.
African Studies Seminar series. Paper presented 3 May 1982. Not to be quoted without the Author's permission.
Income. Blacks. South Africa, Inflation (Finance). South Africa, Blacks. South Africa. Economic conditions, Income. South Africa