The development of a comprehensive infection prevention quality audit tool for operating room theatres in a private health care environment

Engelbrecht, Linette
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Multi-resistant organisms, the involvement of numerous stakeholders in the OR as well as the complex procedural and technical advancements, especially in the private healthcare environment, justifies an evidence based infection prevention quality audit tool for an OR that is comprehensive. The purpose of the study was to develop a comprehensive infection prevention quality audit tool for operating room within a private healthcare environment. A three phased, multi-method study was conducted whereby phase one included the identification of statements in existing audit tools, policies and published articles. This was used to compile concourse statements that were used during phase 2 in the Q-sort data collection method, which allowed stakeholders (scrub- and anaesthetic nurses, CSD Managers, IPC- and OHS Coordinators and surgeons) to indicate what they want to be included in the IPC Audit Tool for operating room. A statement verification was conducted to expand the concepts that enabled the researcher to compile an audit tool. Subject experts and the researcher tested the degree of validity of the audit tool in phase three of the study. A descriptive analysis revealed that the results of the Q-sort event was inconclusive. The subject experts were unable to determine the degree of validity of the audit tool, which forced the researcher to test the audit tool in an OR. A Comprehensive IPC Control Quality Audit Tool was developed. The utilisation of the audit tool in an OR should be a well-planned event. Specific education and training of the multidisciplinary team regarding IPC in the OR should be considered.
A Dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Health Science, University of the Witwatersrand, in fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of Master of Science in Nursing Education Johannesburg, June 2017