Primary fixation of vervet monkey oral epithelium for SEM and TEM

Grossman, E. S.
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Vervet monkey attached gingiva and alveolar mucosa was used to investigate the effect of primary fixative composition and osmolarity on the scanning electron microscope appearance and epithelial cell surface feature density. Primary fixation was obtained using 12 different fixatives with osmolarities varying between 320-2010mOsm followed by further standard SEM processing procedures. All primary fixatives investigated produced acceptably fixed oral epithelium for SEM study, showing all the morphologic features characteristic of either keratinized or non-keratinized oral tissue. Point counting revealed that the density of microvilli of attached gingiva epithelial cells when fixed at 2010mOsm was 72 +/- 8% of the cell surface area. This decreased to 40 +/- 5% when fixed at 320mOsm. Similarly the microplication density of the alveolar mucosa epithelial cells decreased from 70 +/- 5% at 2010mOsm to 43 +/- 7% at 320mOsm. Both these differences proved to be highly significant
Epithelium/ultrastructure, Mouth Mucosa/ultrastructure, Cercopithecus aethiops
Grossman, E.S.1989. Primary fixation of vervet monkey oral epithelium for ultrastructural investigation‐SEM.Journal of Oral Pathology & Medicine;18(4):220-223.