Challenges in the teaching of Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education art and design curriculum

Sebobi, Elizabeth Mphoentle
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This study aimed at an illuminative evaluation of the Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) Art and Design programme. It sought to reveal whether the programme adequately meets the technology within the Art and design curriculum, and how effectively it has been taken in the schools. An illuminative evaluation looks at in-depth understanding of the instructional system, its expected teaching methods and the learning milieu as well as the interrelationship of the learning environment. This allows matches and mismatches to emerge between instructional system and learning milieu. Furthermore, it examines whether teachers are trained to deal with the technology that is infused in the Art and design curriculum and whether there are interventions in the BGCSE curriculum that supports the Art and design teachers. The main issues of the study are: 1) In what ways are the intentions of the art and Design programme being realized or not, in terms of the technology that has been added to the curriculum? 2) In the perception of the and principals, what are the significant factors that help or hinder the teaching of Art and Design in schools, especially the use of technology. 3) In the perception of the principal, what support system is available to the teaching in the teaching of BGCSE Art and Design using the technology provided? The methods used for collection of the data were naturalistic observation and interviews. Six schools were used in the study. The schools were chosen because they were conveniently located for the researcher and the topic chosen. The study that the programme is basically in place, but not as strongly as intended. Recommendation to improve the programme are that teachers should be trained to strengthen their skills of facilitation thus ensuring that transmission is learner centred, making learning more relevant to the given curriculum. Hence, allowing teachers a more advisory rule in assisting with learning.