How principals use distributed leadership in leading and managing teaching and learning : a case study of two primary schools in Gauteng.

Vaz, Maria
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This study investigates the role that principals play in leading and managing teaching and learning through the alternative approach of ‘distributed leadership’ in order to promote quality education. As a qualitative case study of two ‘township’ Gauteng primary schools, data was collected by means of questionnaires and interview schedules. Perceptions of principals, heads of departments (HODs) and teachers on ‘distributed leadership’ were examined, as well as how the concept was applied in the day-to-day running of the school. It was found that the principals interviewed, despite their extensive teaching and managing experience, were not fully aware of the implications of principalship within the new dispensation, vaguely referring to their roles as leaders and managers without specifying how and what they were leading and managing in their respective schools. Recommendations are that distributed leadership strategies could be found in both schools to optimise the leadership and management of teaching and learning, and that time should be allowed for HODs and principals to implement instructional leadership and management.
Leadership, Management, Distributed leadership, Instructional leadership, Principalship, Shared instructional leadership