Transport sector greenhouse gas inventory for South Africa for the base year 2009

Tongwane, Mphethe Isaac
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e transport sector is responsible for a quarter of global CO2 emissions and the emissions continue to grow rapidly. The overall objective of this study was to calculate the following greenhouse gas emissions (GHG); CO2, CH4 and N2O from the transport sector in South Africa in the base year 2009. However, in addition to the calculations of the emissions for this base year, emissions from road transport were recalculated since 2000. The available data allowed only Tier 1 method to calculate all the GHG emissions. Vehicles per type, province and distances they travelled were used to estimate the emissions, while fuel used at various airports in the country was used to determine aviation emissions. Emissions from other modes of the transport sector were calculated using the data from the national energy balances. It was estimated that 54,296 Giga grams (Gg) of CO2 equivalent (CO2-eq) emissions were emitted in 2009. Road, off- road, aviation and rail transports accounted for 80%, 13%, 6% and 1% of the emissions, respectively. Motorcars and trucks produced more than 70% of the road transport emissions. Road transport emissions increased at approximately 2.66% per year between 2000 and 2009. Gauteng province had the highest emissions. Minibus taxis were the most efficient transport mode on the basis of load carried.