The effect of a two-week sensory diet on infants with Regulatory Sensory Processing Disorder

Jorge, Jacqueline
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This research aimed to determine the effect of educating parents on Regulatory Sensory Processing Disorder (RSPD) and implementing an Ayers-SI sensory diet over a two-week period. Twelve infants who met the criteria for RSPD were subdivided into two groups: 7-12 and 13-24 months. The data was obtained from a telephonic interview and completion of the Infant Toddler Symptom Checklist (ITSC). Following the two-week intervention, the ITSC was completed again and results were compared using the Wilcoxin Signed Rank Test. Although the research sample was small, findings indicate that the Ayers-SI sensory diet was effective in reducing signs of fussiness. The research group showed a significant change (p=0.0024) over the two-week period, with a greater change evident in the 7-12 month group. Selfregulation and attachment showed the most significant change. Difficulties with sensory processing for example, tactile, vestibular and auditory sensitivities appeared to persist, indicating a possible need for direct sensory integrative therapy to address them. In addition, the findings indicate that there is a lack of referral for Ayers-SI occupational therapy. This research adds value to the body of research which indicates the need for early intervention for possible prevention of later developmental difficulties.
Regulatory Sensory Processing Disorder