Online banking usage amongst South African consumers: an empirical study of the impact of current usage on future usage intention

Muzofa, Caroline Vimbai
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This research study investigated the key factors that contribute to both current usage and future usage intention of online banking by South African users. The research was focused on online banking from all banks and regions in South Africa, hence making the results generalisable to the South African context. The variables (Performance Expectancy, Effort Expectancy, Facilitating Conditions and Social Influence) were derived from UTAUT model. Trust, Switching Costs and Availability of Alternatives were also added. The conceptual model was moderated by age, gender and experience. The variables used within the study were derived from literature review based on previous studies. From a survey of 300 online banking consumers, results were drawn from 105 responses. In South Africa, Trust, Effort expectancy and facilitating conditions, presented significant and positive impact on future usage intention of using online banking. Age and Experience were also significant to Future Usage intentions. However Social Influence, Switching Costs and Availability of Alternatives do not play a considerable role in influencing the user’s future usage in South Africa. While current usage did not directly impact future usage intentions of using online banking, the findings on frequency of usage and functionality (applications) added value to understanding the concept of current usage. The model had an R2 = 0.25 which suggests that within the South African context, there are more factors to be considered for academia and practitioners to understand online banking behaviour amongst consumers. We cannot completely apply theories and models from other countries to the South African context. There is a need to look at factors unique to South Africa, including how customers interpret questionnaires. The research also contributes to the current body of work and interest by banks in South Africa to move from “bricks to clicks”, (moving customers from the branches onto electronic platforms) that are more accessible from any location, and require less staff to operate. To do that, practitioners need add “trust” factors to online banking as well as increase frequency of users logging on to transact. It is vital for banks to also focus on functionality that is simple, reliable and dependable, as well as adds value to customers to ensure their frequent and continued usage thereof.
Thesis (M.Com. (Information Systems))--University of the Witwatersrand, Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management, School of Economic and Business Sciences, 2015.
Online banking, Internet banking, Technology usage intention, Switching costs, Online banking alternatives