The effect of Public procurement on the functioning of a National Evaluation Systems: The case of South Africa

Dr. Kithatu-Kiwekete, Angelita
Dr. Phillips, Sean
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International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanity Studies
The practice of evaluation is gaining importance across governments in Africa. Country-driven evaluation should enhance the government’s capacity for accountability, knowledge management, performance, as well as improved decision making. Countries that have implemented national evaluation systems include Benin, Uganda, and South Africa. Emerging research tends to focus on methodologies or sector-specific aspects of evaluation. This article examines the specific challenge of public procurement for conducting evaluations as knowledge-based services. The article is based on a baseline study. The methodology for the study involved a literature review; in-depth interviews; focus groups with government officials, evaluation suppliers, trainers, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs); a root-cause analysis workshop; and an online survey with both clients and suppliers. The findings are that the quality of government procurement and supply chain management is a major factor that affects the supply of evaluators. The article concludes by offering recommendations to enhance the process of public procurement.
monitoring and evaluation, public procurement, supply chain management, national evaluation systems