Group invariant solutions and conservation laws for jet flow models of non-Newtownian power-law fluids

Magan, Avnish Bhowan
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The non-Newtonian incompressible power-law uid in jet ow models is investigated. An important feature of the model is the de nition of a suitable Reynolds number, and this is achieved using the standard de nition of a Reynolds number and ascertaining the magnitude of the e ective viscosity. The jets under examination are the two-dimensional free, liquid and wall jets. The two-dimensional free and wall jets satisfy a di erent partial di erential equation to the two-dimensional liquid jet. Further, the jets are reformulated in terms of a third order partial di erential equation for the stream function. The boundary conditions for each jet are unique, but more signi - cantly these boundary conditions are homogeneous. Due to this homogeneity the conserved quantities are critical in the solution process. The conserved quantities for the two-dimensional free and liquid jet are constructed by rst deriving the conservation laws using the multiplier approach. The conserved quantity for the two-dimensional free jet is also derived in terms of the stream function. For a Newtonian uid with n = 1 the twodimensional wall jet gives a conservation law. However, this is not the case for the two-dimensional wall jet for a non-Newtonian power-law uid. The various approaches that have been applied in an attempt to derive a conservation law for the two-dimensional wall jet for a power-law uid with n 6= 1 are discussed. In conjunction with the attempt at obtaining conservation laws for the two-dimensional wall jet we present tenable reasons for its failure, and a feasible way forward. Similarity solutions for the two-dimensional free jet have been derived for both the velocity components as well as for the stream function. The associated Lie point symmetry approach is also presented for the stream function. A parametric solution has been obtained for shear thinning uid free jets for 0 < n < 1 and shear thickening uid free jets for n > 1. It is observed that for values of n > 1 in the range 1=2 < n < 1, the velocity pro le extends over a nite range. For the two-dimensional liquid jet, along with a similarity solution the complete Lie point symmetries have been obtained. By associating the Lie point symmetry with the elementary conserved vector an invariant solution is found. A parametric solution for the two-dimensional liquid jet is derived for 1=2 < n < 1. The solution does not exist for n = 1=2 and the range 0 < n < 1=2 requires further investigation.