Broad Structure and Company Performance in South Africa

Swartz, Naomi-Pearl
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Academic and commercial interest in the corporate governance practices of publicly listed companies has increased significantly in the past five to ten years. High-profile corporate failures such as Enron and Worldcom have heightened the interest in corporate governance practices. This research study's primary aim is to explore the contribution of board structure to company performance in South Africa. The majority of prior corporate governance literature has centered and focused on the relationship between board structure and company performance where performance is measured in terms of traditional measures. This research study follows the themes of Mitchell Williams, which diverges from this prior body of literature in two primary ways; first the relationship between board structure and company performance is investigated where performance is defined by intellectual capital performance and second unlike the majority of prior literature that utilised data from the United States, data was collected and analysed from a sample of South African companies listed on the JSE Securities Exchange.
Student Number: 9305986E School of Accountancy Faculty of Commerca, Law and Management
Intellectual Capital, Performance, Board Structures, Emerging economies, Gender, South Africa