Cultural manifestation of the Ugandan diaspora living in South Africa

The Ugandan diaspora to South Africa is a relatively small community with a short history of country of origin to adoptive country relation prior to its development. The cultural legacy of this community is comparatively dilute. Personal narratives from members of this community describe economic prospects and international aspirations as reasons for migration. These same reasons affect the potential for cultural manifestation. The pageant trope expresses the hyphenated relationship to national pride of Ugandans living in South Africa. The Miss Uganda SA pageant, a pageant developed by and catered to the Ugandan diaspora in South Africa, is a central case study in assessing the consequences of a hyphenated identity. Artists such as Benon Lutaaya and Lilian Nabulime give a visual illustration and develop a discussion about what cultural manifestation of Ugandans living in diaspora’s could potentially look like, and how it is affected by hyphenation
Masters in Fine Art by Research Wits School of Art (Division of Fine Art) January 2016