"Murder alla siciliana" - representations of the Sicilian "exotic other" in translation

Siniscalchi, Natasha Joan
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The different ways in which the translators of Camilleri’s La Gita a Tindari have (consciously or unconsciously) used the translation procedures outlined by Vinay and Darbelnet are analysed in this study in an attempt to identify instances of foreignisation and/or domestication in the English, French and Spanish Target Texts (TTs). The translation of Camilleri’s very Sicilian/Sicilianised work involves much decision-making concerning Italian/Sicilian cultural and linguistic aspects which both characterise the Montalbano series and render it arguably inaccessible to those with little or no Italian/Sicilian Source Culture familiarity. This study is a comparative analysis revolving around the use of the translation procedures outlined by Canadian scholars Vinay and Darbelnet in the English, French and Spanish translations of Camilleri’s La Gita a Tindari and the foreignising and/or domesticating effects the use of these strategies has in relation to the rendition of Source Culture and Source Language elements in translation. The analytical model used in the study is a descriptive and comparative one based on an approach to translation studies which is both quantitative andpara-textual analyses conducted herein, this study presents conclusions in respect of the overall foreignised and/or domesticated feel of the English, French and Spanish Target Texts in relation to the depiction of Sicily and Montalbano as “exotic others”, or “localised others”. qualitative. On the basis of the findings drawn from the micro-textual and
M.A. University of the Witwatersrand, Faculty of Humanities (Translation), 2012